D.C. Region TFA 2017 Corps Member: Secondary (grades 7-12) English/Language Arts.

Davidson College, Class of 2017, B.A. in Education Studies with a focus on sociology, linguistics, and politics.

Saint Paul, Minnesota born and raised.





Skills  Linguistics + Graphic Design + Salesforce + Research, Research Synthesis + Event planning + Public Speaking + Human Centered Design

For a copy of my professional resume document, please contact me at m.newtondriscoll@gmail.com.



Davidson College

Davidson, North Carolina

  • Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies (Focus on Sociology and Politics of Public Education) Expected May 2017
  • John Montgomery Belk Scholar
  • GPA: 3.46

Saint Paul Central High School

Saint Paul, Minnesota, May 2013



CENTER FOR POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT  Founder, Chair                                             

  • Developed multi-partisan events on campus including speakers, forums, student gatherings.
  • Represented students of all political ideologies, reconciling personal politics and executive representative responsibilities.
  • Moderated and managed online presence, mediating criticism, questions, and personal attacks.
  • Delegated logistical skills to three sub-organizations and managed the overarching logistical needs for carrying out events.
  • Fostered civil political engagement throughout the 2016 election.


  • Instituted State of the Campus and SGA Collaborative—events focused on creating opportunities for students, faculty, and administration to interface and streamline various campus campaigns.
  • Worked with my co-director to plan and carry out the above programming.
  • Met and brainstormed with administration, SGA members, and students to plan specific events.
  • Designed graphics for the publicity.

TEACH FOR AMERICA  Campus Campaign Recruiter, Campus Ambassador

  • Recruit and guide possible applicants and applicants for Teach For America.
  • Manage possible applicants’ information on online platform (Salesforce) and campus awareness events.
  • Present to groups and classes on campus about applying to Teach for America.
  • Attend weekly meetings with supervisors and plan their visits to campus to help them interface with applicants.

HER CAMPUS AT DAVIDSON  Vice President, Event Coordinator, Writer 

  • Collaborate with President to maintain membership and member standards.
  • Organize events and delegate responsibilities to members as needed.
  • Attend weekly meetings to brainstorm, discuss, and assign the next week of articles.
  • Write articles for various topics, of various levels of levity and seriousness for online publication.

WARNER HALL HOUSE Red and Black Ball Committee Chair (Desserts)

  • Coordinated and oversaw campus wide bake sale.
  • Supported Red and Black Ball Chairwomen in planning the event and raising $50,000 for HIV/AIDs medical care in Mwandi and Charlotte.

STUDENTS CONSULTING FOR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS  Team Leader: Smithville Community Coalition Revitalization Effort 

  • Create a community survey to assist urban planners and community leaders in revitalization plans.
  • Research history and current climate of neighborhood to prevent gentrification efforts.
  • Host and facilitate conversation around topics and questions about life at Davidson.



MECK ED  Research Intern

  • Researched local and national policies on charter schools.
  • Collaborated with Adam Rhew and Bill Anderson to create list of FAQ from public about charter schools.
  • Designed and in-depth info-graphic for MeckEd’s website.

BILLINGSVILLE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY  Summer Administrative Intern with Davidson Education Scholars

  • Collaborated with administration to operate and organize Summer School Program.
  • Taught K-5th graders about healthy habits.
  • Re-designed the school’s signs, hallway posters, and logo.
  • Helped with summer administrative duties: interviewing job candidates, enrolling students, offering informal emotional support to students, processing standardized testing materials.

OpenIDEO Human Centered Design Fellow

  • Completed IDEO’s Early Childhood Preparation challenge- included brainstorming, interviewing, prototyping, research
  • Facilitated brainstorming sessions and trained other students in Human Centered Design philosophy
  • Prototyped app to encourage parents of children to commit to series of challenges to augment parenting experience

TEACH FOR AMERICA  DC Region 2017 ELA Teacher

  • Highly qualified teacher for secondary ELA students (grades 7-12)
  • Create lesson plans in accordance with school, federal, and district policy
  • Prepare students to critically engage with the English language, literature, and their own writing
  • Participate in on-going district, school, and TFA professional development




Forthcoming thesis on Teaching to the Test’s effect on language use in the classroom and identity development and performance in an 8th grade ELA classroom.